Uncle Leong Seafood

I still remember the first time I ate at Uncle Leong Seafood. One of my old friends, Ed, a fellow crabs lover, brought me here raving about their creamy crabs. There were only 2 of us and we ordered, inter alia, 2 large crabs. The shop proprietor tried to dissuade us from ordering both crabs because he thought that we wouldn't be able to finish our food.

That's the thing. Because I'm a little petite, I sometimes have trouble convincing wait staff that I can finish whatever I order. We finally convinced him that we could finish everything we ordered.

Later, the shop proprietor came over while we were polishing off the last remnants of the simmering sands crab gravy, and told us to order away in the future because he would never doubt our ability to finish our food. That incident is forever etched in my memory because it showed that the shop proprietor was an honest businessman and I've since had and still have a good impression of the service staff here.

For those who frequent Mellben Seafood diagonally opposite Uncle Leong Seafood (they are both owned by members of the same family), Uncle Leong Seafood is a viable alternative to the long queues and waiting time at Mellben. I've eaten at both restaurants and there is no discernible difference in the food served.

Uncle Leong Seafood is known for their Shimmering Sands Crabs ($30.40), an original concoction of butter cream sauce with chili padi and curry leaves for some heat and sprinkled liberally with toasted oats for extra texture. I love this. It's creamy, spicy and utterly addictive. The sauce perfectly complements the natural sweetness of the crab meat. And I like that there's enough sauce to dunk fried buns into as well.

Uncle Leong Seafood serves very good cze char as well. One of our favourites is the Mapo Tofu ($8), beancurd, prawns, eggs and minced meat in spicy bean sauce. This was sweet, spicy and savoury. Delicious with steaming hot white rice.

We also always order the Chinese Spinach with 3 Types of Eggs ($10), which is absolutely eggalicious. The trio of salted egg, century egg and chicken eggs combine together to make an aromatic gravy to ladle onto white rice.

For carbs, we ordered the Seafood Crispy Noodles ($3.50), which was also very yummy. The gravy was luscious, the seafood was fresh and plentiful and the noodles were nice and crispy.

Update 6 June 2011: Uncle Leong has moved to 6 Tebing Lane, #01-03 Punggol East.

Uncle Leong Seafood
Blk 233, #01-1194
Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 (St 22)
Tel: 6554 3453
Open daily from 4pm to 11.30pm
Website: www.uncleleongseafood.com

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