Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC, Malacca

Many would say that KFC chicken in Malaysia is better than the one in Singapore, and it is absolutely true. The chicken used is juicier, more succulent and fresh. No frozen crap used here. There IS a notable difference between fresh and frozen meat, and people who can't tell the difference should not be called food critics (in a bid to encourage the masses to buy cheaper frozen meat instead of fresh meat, the newspaper once did a taste test between fresh and frozen meat for some food critics and they mostly said that the frozen meat dishes tasted better! I found it incredulous that people who call themselves food critics could not differentiate between fresh and frozen meat.). Frozen chicken should only be used for deep-drying or curries, dishes that use heavier styles of cooking or very strong spices, which will mask the fact that the meat has been frozen for the past 6 months. That's why when I first started cooking at home, my mom got on my case for using frozen chicken for a braising dish.

We got the Snack Platter (RM5.90), comprising 2 chickens, a small whipped potato and coleslaw (which we switched with another small whipped potato), and a bun.

The gargantuan chicken was truly succulent, juicy and lip-smackingly good.

KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken
Lot G22, Ground Floor,
Mahkota Parade Jalan Merdeka
Tel: 606-281 1876

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