Birthday Surprise

This was a birthday surprise from Mr Harvest-the-Crops. I nearly got a heart attack by the surprise though, he'd enlisted Beeps' help to get me back to the office, on the pretext that The Boss was looking for me urgently and I was in trouble because I'd apparently messed up a file. (For the record, I've yet to get CC mad at me for anything and I'm not about to start.) So it was with trepidation that I gingerly went into the meeting room (supposedly to face the music), and a relief when it turned out to be a birthday surprise.

This was an American Cheesecake, very light and moist, so delicate in flavour that even a colleague who's a self-professed non-lover of cheesecake lapped up her share happily.

I really am blessed with the best colleagues. Thanks you all for being the absolute sweetest. And for nearly giving me a heart attack.


Anonymous said...

(erm, any idea where they bought this cake?)
Thanks in advance!
- Hungry Peng

Bern said...

Thanks for the greeting and do keep visiting! It's from Secret Recipe.

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