The Soup Spoon, Market Street Carpark

The Soup Spoon is one of those places that's frequented by women and health junkies, mostly looking for a healthier lunch option. Ms PR and I were in the area for lunch and wanted something light, yet hearty and robust at the same time.

The Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout ($6.80) is a tomato and cream chicken stew that pays tribute to the 60's pop band and their Scarborough Fair hit, where "Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme" were the 4 herbs featured in the said song. Thick juicy chunks of chicken thigh are combined with 6 varieties of mushroom including woodsy portobello, smooth oyster and abalone, Japanese enoki and shitake, and the universal button. The 4 herbs are of course featured heavily in the stew as well.  

Update 2 Oct 2011: Market Street Carpark has been demolished.

The Soup Spoon
Market Street Carpark
1st Floor Unit 4
Tel: 6438 3969
Open Mondays to Fridays from 11am to 9pm
Website: www.thesoupspoon.com/

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