Sushi Tei, Playground @ Big Splash

We were in the East area and thought we'd go to have some Japanese food at Playground @ Big Splash for dinner. Although the area is frequented by families (usually with noisy screaming kids in tow), it was a Monday night so there weren't any screaming kids around. We ended up having a very peaceful dinner.

The BF likes unagi, so he ordered the Special Unagi Roll ($14). I'm personally not a fan of eel, so I stayed away from this. He liked that the unagi was fleshy and fresh, with sweet teriyaki sauce slathered over it.

I got the Salmon Shio ($10) Grilled Salmon with Salt. A light hand was used to sprinkle salt over the already flavourful fish, so it didn't turn out too salty like some other places. The thin layer of salt coated the fish enough to keep it nice and moist despite the typically drying effect of grilling.

We also got the Gindara Teriyaki ($10) Grilled Cod with Teriyaki. This was nice, with the sweet flavours of teriyaki sauce complementing the oily fish.

The Yasai Itame ($5) Pan Fried Mixed Vegetable was delicate, crunchy and yummy, with peppery capsicums adding a little spice.

I got the BF to eat the Ebi Mentaiyaki ($18) Grilled Prawn with Cod Roe, which he loved. He loved the crunchy and humongous prawns and the salty and creamy cod roe.

I ordered the Hanasaki Ika Tempura ($5.50) Squid Tempura. I love snacking on this Japanese version of the Italian calamari.

This is the BF's must-order, the Sashimi Salad ($9), crisp lettuce, fresh salmon, tuna and octopus, with piquant Wafuu Dressing.

The BF also wanted to try the Kani Mayo ($4.50) Crab Meat Mayonnaise, which turned out surprisingly yummy, despite my aversion to mayonnaise. This was mild and creamy. Very light.

Sushi Tei
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk B, #01-06
Playground @ Big Splash
Tel: 6348 7077
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.sushitei.com


Anonymous said...

the food looks better than the excrement we had at far east

Bern said...

Less diners = More time to prepare the food = More care put into cooking process = Better food

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