CR @ Shenton

In line with our once-a-month lunch appointments, Guan and I went to Shenton House for our October lunch date. I look forward to and love having lunches with her, she's always so engaging and one of the wittiest persons I've had the pleasure to call my friend.

The 3 shop spaces along Shenton Way in front of (very very old) Shenton House are completely open-air and usually favoured by people needing a respite from the very cold air-conditioning in their offices. Because the rent at the older-than-most-commercial-buildings-in-the-CBD Shenton House, prices here are consequently cheaper than most eating places in the CBD.

We started off with some greens, Wok-Fried Kailan ($5), which marked the start of a cheap and reasonably fair cze char. Good crunch but a little heavy handed with the soy, standard fare. 

The Thai Style Chicken ($6), despite its unassuming presentation, was surprisingly better than most places. Tangy and subtly spiced sweet Thai chilli sauce was slathered over crisp breaded but tender chicken pieces, with crisp fresh onions lifting the dish to a refreshing high.

We also had an Onion Omelette ($4), generous in portion, aromatic and really not bad with caramelized onions flavouring the fluffy omelette. This was also quite standard fare.

In contrast to the other dishes, Thai Style Fried Rice ($3) wasn't that great. There were subtle hints of tom yum spices in the rice, but it was a little boring and one-dimensional. But the sambal chilli packed one kicka$s punch.

CR @ Shenton
3 Shenton Way
1st Floor, Shenton House


Anonymous said...

Prof again...The chicken looks goood...will tar pau that soon. As for the rest -fegeddaboutit...

Bern said...

Yeah that was the best dish. The rest was quite standard cze char fare. But cheap. The bill came up to only $18 for both of us.

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