Crystal Jade Kitchen, Suntec City Mall

I've read somewhere that stress is a major cause of overeating. It's totally true! It's been absolutely madness at work and you wouldn't believe the cravings I get. Just the other day, I was hankering for some dim sum. So off we went to Crystal Jade Kitchen at Suntec for lunch.

The BF mistakenly ordered the Deep-fried Dried Beancurd Skin with Pepper & Salt ($5.50). He thought it was the deep-fried cubed beancurd with pepper and salt. Ahh well, wrong order notwithstanding, I liked this. The outer beancurd skin was crisp, whereas the inside layers were still chewy and soft.

We got the ubiquitous Steamed Pork with Crab Roe Dumpling "Siew Mai" ($4.30), bouncy, juicy and succulent.

I got the Roasted Duck with Hor Fan in Soup ($6.80), with slurpilicious smooth flat rice noodles in a comforting light prawn-based broth.Though I'm not that huge a fan of the shrimpish soup base, the plain rice noodles helped absorb the salt content of and balanced out the soup.

The Conpoy with Chive Thick Soup ($7.80) was so mild it was almost bland, but with a hint of the dried scallops and julienned black fungus providing some crunch and texture. Not my favourite soup.

We loved the Beansprouts Sauteed with Minced Garlic ($10.80). Simplicity at its best. The properly cleaned beansprouts were crunchy and slightly smoky with "wok hei", and subtly flavoured with aromatic minced garlic.

The thing we noticed about the Braised Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom ($10.80) was that it was the same price as the sauteed beansprouts, which made us feel that the beansprouts, while yummy, was a tad overpriced. Still, I liked the abundance of shimeiji, white button and Chinese black varieties of mushrooms in this savoury dish.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
3 Temasek Boulevard,
B1-013, Suntec City Mall
Tel: 6338 3511
Open daily, 11am to 10.30pm
Website: www.crystaljade.com

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