Munch, Robinson Road

Ms PR had heard about this salad spot along Robinson Road and we checked it out one day for lunch. This place is a firm favourite with the expat community (it's a little pricey) and working professionals looking for a healthier lunch alternative. Apart from their signature salads and sandwiches, they also offer breakfast eggs and pancakes, pies, rosti, wraps and protein-centered hot dishes with salmon, dory fish and roast chicken.

I'm not that big a fan of salads as Ms PR, but I sure was enticed by the Mushroom and Cheese Scramble ($6.10). This was very yummy, soft and moist eggs with a medley of white button and shitake mushrooms. That said, I still thought it was a little pricey for just eggs and fungi.

Ms PR got the 4-Picks (Regular) Pick-and-Mix Salad ($11.30). A little pricey but substantial in portion and really quite delicious.

The Roasted Chicken was my favourite, with a sprinkling of sweet corn nibblets complementing the honeyed juicy chicken cubes.

The Wild Brown Rice wasn't as boring as I thought it'd be, it was enlivened by the crunchy corn nibblets and savoury dressing.

The Thai Salad was a delightful mix of mildly spicy, piquant and tangy flavours. I didn't like the addition of coriander though.

To end off the salad, the Fruit Medley was a refreshing balance of crisp textures and tart flavours.

We both agreed that the Tiramisu Pot ($5) was way too expensive, especially since it was a little dry and wasn't as fluffy as we'd like.

112 Robinson Road
#01-01 Robinson 112
Tel: 6223 5197
Open Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 7pm
Website: www.munch.sg/

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