Lor Mee, Bukit Purmei Road

Beeps had told me about this place eons ago, but I only recently made the trip down south to a coffeeshop hidden away in the sleepy suburban township of Bukit Purmei. Widely touted as one of the best lor mee in Singapore, I arrived one afternoon to find a 10-min-long queue of customers. In additon to their classic lor mee ($3) loaded with half an egg, fishcake, braised pork belly, fish nuggets, wantons and ngoh hiang, they have a premium selection for those who love their fish nuggets (+$2), wantons (+$1) or ngoh hiang (+$1). Or the glutton option with extras of everything.

I like fish nuggets and opted for the Crispy Fried Fish Lor Mee ($5), a bowl towering with the crunchy morsels. The gravy was sumptuous and robust, punctuated with copious lashings of black vinegar, homemade chilli sambal and pepper. I laid off the raw garlic and parsley but my galfriend loaded hers for extra oomph.

The lor mee is indeed superb, freshly made ingredients that were in plentiful supply, drenched in a rich and starchy gravy that made all the difference.

Although the lor mee here is nameless, it's easily distinguishable from the other stalls in the coffeeshop by its long queue of customers.

Lor Mee
109 Bukit Purmei Road
Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 7.30am to 3.30pm; Closed Mondays


red fir said...

Babe the real bukit purmei lor mee has ceased operations due to health reasons. Your lor mee should be from a totally different stall. Looks totally different too. For one they don't do crispy fish nuggets. Neither do they have fried wantons (sacrilegious!) in the menu.

red fir said...

Stall front & bowl also different.

Bern said...

a girlfriend of mine told me the same thing too. oh what a pity...looks like i missed the boat then! :(

Agagooga said...

This lor mee is mediocre at best

The original stall from Tiong Bahru was at Bukit Batok last I heard

Bern said...

thanks for the tip!

Winston said...

Bukit Batok outlet operated by his sister. Slightly different as a bit more fish but very nice nonetheless

Bern said...

will check that out...thanks!!

Lucky said...

Am a Purmei resident. This is no where near the original one. Original couple has ceased operation. After trying the new stall once, I never wanted to eat it again.

gerry said...

The original stall reopens at west coast food center. Owner has recovered from a heart attack but stall is closed on mon, tue and fri.
Address: Blk 501 West Coast Drive, Singapore 120501
Opening Hours: 7.30am to 1.30pm

Bern said...

Thanks for the tip! I've slotted this into my to-eat list!!

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