Sakuraya Fish Mart, Anchorpoint

The original plan to get Swedish meatballs at Ikea got derailed by the ridiculous hundred metre-long, school-holiday-induced queue. So, we headed opposite to Sakuraya Fish Mart at Anchorpoint, a casual, supermarket-like eatery that's known for its value-for-money Japanese fare.

Sakuraya may not be the top of the line, but does serve up decent food that's affordable bang for your buck. Best of all, there's no service charge!  

The Bara Chirashi Don ($15), generously laden with an assortment of chopped sashimi on a bed of vinegar-ed sushi rice, was less than sparkling fresh, but interspersed with an unusually luxurious touch, the octopus tako.

The Ebi Fry Maki ($10) crispy prawns swaddled in seaweed, crunchy cucumber and moist sushi rice and rolled in sesame seeds and benito passed muster.

The Inari Sushi ($2), though humongous, was, however, a smidge too sweet.

For a mass-market mid-range Japanese joint, the Ebi Tempura ($7) here was surprisingly refined, boasting a thin crisp batter and fresh fleshy prawns.

A favourite snack of mine, the piping hot Edamame ($5) was fat (unlike those emaciated ones I so detest) and well-salted.

The Zaru Udon ($8) wheat noodles thick and chewy, were served refreshingly chilled.

These were sided by Tanuki ($2) flakes of tempura batter and Kitsune ($2) seasoned beancurd skin.

Sakuraya Fish Mart
370 Alexandra Road
#01-32 Anchorpoint
Tel: 6474 2495
Open daily from 11am to 10pm
Website: www.sakuraya.com.sg

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