Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant, ARC

I hadn't been very impressed with Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant along Upper Thomson, but decided to give it another go at their southern outpost. This time, we ordered the right stuff, and while I still think their banchan needs work, I finally understand the hype about this place. Some of their dishes, if done right, are executed with aplomb, such that a return visit is now on the cards.

The Kimchi fell a little flat. I was hoping for a more piquant kick.

The Sigeumchi Namul, seasoned spinach, was bordering on tasteless, save for the metallic taste of the spinach.

Like the seasoned spinach above, the Kong Namul, seasoned beansprouts, was lacking in flavour too.

The Buhsut Jorim, sauteed mushrooms, with its clear and earthy tones, was one of 2 banchan that was halfway decent.

The Doljaban Muchim, seasoned kelp with chilli, while fun to chew, wasn't quite my cup of tea.

The Panjeon, a sweet and crunchy vegetable pancake with carrots, was nice too.

We really liked the Gochujang Hotdogs, these were a little difficult to go wrong.

The seasoned spring onions were decent, but not memorable.

The Parboiled Cabbage was cool, crunchy and refreshing.

The excellent Kimchi Mandu ($18 for 8 pcs), fat bronzed dumplings stuffed with spicy kimchi and glass vermicelli, was a game-changer. For this alone, I would return.

Another hit was the Haemuljeon ($18), a flat seafood pancake dense with fresh squid and prawns, and enlivened with spring onions and sliced chillis.

The Japchae ($16), stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and beef, was decent, but not spectacular.

The Bibim Naengmyun ($18), spicy cold buckwheat noodles loaded with half a boiled egg, cucumber, radish and parboiled beef, was refreshing, bright and punchy.

Terribly disappointing, the Samgyetang ($25) was insipid, and the chicken tough and dry.

The Chicken Bulgogi ($15) was succulent and balanced the sweet and spicy. A most value-for-money set.

Auntie Kim's Korean Restaurant
460 Alexandra Road
#02-21 Alexandra Retail Centre
Tel: 6274 3383
Open daily from 11.30am to 3pm for lunch; 5.30pm to 10pm for dinner
Website: www.auntiekim.sg


Oysterdiaries said...

the cold noodles look really authentic!

Bern said...

yeah they were comparable with the ones in seoul that we had before. now, i just have to find a recipe for this :)

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