Nara Thai

We returned to Nara Thai for a repeat visit. Because there were more of us this time round, we managed to make an actual dent in the extensive menu. We stuck to the signatures, and resultantly had more hits than misses.

While Nara Thai may not be the undisputed market-leader in Thai cuisine in Singapore, they do serve up value-for-money fare that's relatively decent. A major bonus, for me, is that, amongst the basement restaurants which attract a waiting time of at least 30 minutes to even enter the restaurant, walk-ins can almost be assured of last-minute availability in this casual Thai establishment. 

The Gai Tord Samunprai ($10.90) crispy fried chicken redolent of Thai herbs like dried chillis, ginger and green peppercorns was juicy and succulent.

Another deep fried dish, the Koh Moo Tord Hgar ($10.90), thoroughly marinated pork neck,was highlighted by a liberal sprinkling of aromatic sesame seeds, and despite its crisp exterior, maintained a moist interior. Both deep fried meats were fantastic, but if push came to shove, I'd pick this one for its more unique taste and full-on flavour.

The full-bodied Kaeng Panaeng Moo ($13.90), tender pork slices smothered in a robust coconutty red curry, was superb. It really did live up to its hype as a signature.

The beautifully tanned Kai Jiew Nua Phu ($12.90) a fluffy crabmeat omelette was generously woven with fresh shredded crabmeat which lent sweetness.

The Tom Yum Kung ($19.90), laced with bulging tiger prawns in spicy lemongrass soup, was about the only lackluster dish. The prawns had a muddy taste which contaminated the spicy but lacking in depth of flavour soup.

I liked that the Phad Pak Boong ($10.90) of stir fried morning glory retained a delectable crunch. Lightly seasoned with oyster sauce and spiced with freshly cut birds eye chillis and crisp garlic sprinkles, this was scrumptious.

Nara Thai
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard B3-21
Tel: 6634 5787
Open daily from 11.30am to 10pm
Website: www.narathai.com.sg

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