Two Chefs Eating Place

I've mentioned before that most of my best friends are guys. I'm actually not having any bridesmaids for my wedding. I've got 4 best men instead. And they are walking down the aisle with me. Long is one of my best friends and also one of my best men. (The other 3 being Ernie, Cho and Kang)

Funnily enough, we dated once. It was such a disaster. We both realised on our first (and only) date that we were so wrong for each other. And we just became great friends from then onwards.  He's also the only other person that I know who is as crazy about crabs as I am. We've actually eaten 3 large crabs in one sitting before.

He and the BF get along fabulously. And yes, in case you were wondering, the BF knows about our "torrid" history. And he's completely comfortable with that.

We usually meet up with Long about once every few months to catch up. He suggested this cze char place in Commonwealth where the food is homely, simple and uncomplicated. This place is well known for being horrendously crowded on weekends, so avoid those 2 days.

We ordered the Claypot Chicken ($8), tender juicy chicken in a molten silky oyster-sauce gravy. We slurped up every last bit of the gravy. I liked that this wasn't too salty.

The Sambal Kangkong ($6) was blanched just right, soft yet retaining a little bite, and the sambal chili was suitably spicy.

Being the crab-lovers that we are, Long and I ordered Black Pepper Crabs ($35 per kg). Two Chefs didn't have big crabs, the ones they had were a little tiny, so we had to get 2 crabs. Still, the tiny crabs left us a little unsatisfied. The aromatic black pepper gravy was slightly sticky, sweet and spicy, but I've had better elsewhere. The BF isn't that huge a fan of black pepper crabs as we are, so he just watched us indulge.

Two Chefs' signature dish, the Butter Ribs ($8) did live up to expectations. The deboned pork ribs were tender, thick and luscious. A fairy dusting of butter and condensed milk powder completed the stellar dish.

The other highly recommended dish, Golden Mushroom Beancurd ($8) was a slight letdown though. The beancurd wasn't as silky as it should have been and the gravy was a little bland.

Two Chefs Eating Place
Blk 116 Commonwealth Drive
Tel: 6472 5361
Open Mondays from 5pm to 11.30pm for dinners, Closed every last Monday of the month;
Tuesdays to Sundays from 11.45am to 2.30pm for lunches and 5pm to 11.30pm for dinners


Indra :) said...

hi bernice! (im guessing this is ur name? :) )

im indra! and i've been following ur blog for quite a while now..

im sorry if this seems stalker-ish but i do enjoy the little bites that u have, and the way u write, especially in ur magazine feature in phuket (if i remember correctly? :) )

anyhow, i was hoping that we could perhaps be friends or something? u can find me on fb at ardni89@hotmail.com! (in case u wanna check out this person who may be potentially dangerous to lawyers! ;))

hope to hear from u soon! :)

Bern said...

Thanks for being such a sweetie and regularly following my blog! I'll be contacting you shortly. You remember the Phuket article! Incidentally, barring any political instability and/or airport closures, that's where I'm hoping to get married. No run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter hotel ballroom weddings for me.

indra :) said...

hullo bernice! :)

i just read ur reply here! hmm yes i agree that huge weddings are just so cliche and i really dislike the idea as well.. if i were to get married, mine would be just a simple affair.. no big thing for me! hahah now the problem.. just to find the groom... hahah! ;)

Bern said...

I firmly believe a wedding should be about the bride and groom only, and only they should have a say in their wedding, since the bride and groom are the ones paying for the wedding anyway. Unfortunately in Singapore, most people's weddings are "for their parents". I've attended so many weddings where the bride and groom are so "harrassed" with hundreds of guests, invited by their parents, more than half of whom they have not met before. It's as if their parents are vicariously having their own wedding through their children's wedding.

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