Crystal Jade Kitchen, Isetan Scotts

I'd just finished running an errand at Wheelock Place, so we hopped over to Isetan Scotts across Orchard Road to Crystal Jade for a no-fuss Monday dinner.

I ordered the Sauteed Baby White Cabbage (bai cai miao) ($11.80). This was simple but so yummy. I love baby vegetables, mostly because I'm one of those people that eats the leaves of vegetables and leaves the stalks to the boyfriend to chomp on. The stalks on baby vegetables are soft enough for me to like crunching on. As usual, the BF loved chomping on the lightly cooked garlic pieces.

I also ordered my fave soup, the Beancurd Thick Soup with Seafood ($7.50), luscious and comforting, with egg drops, silky beancurd cubes, melon, prawns, scallops, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

The BF got the Fried Rice with Conpoy (dried scallops), Crabmeat and Egg-White ($11.50). Crystal Jade's version is slightly more flavoured (read: salty) than the Imperial Treasure version.

I got porridge, the Lean Meat with Preserved Egg Congee ($6.80), sans preserved egg. I know it's considered a delicacy in Asia, but I absolutely loathe preserved egg. The porridge was delicate and watery, and the pork was very "slippery and smooth". Methinks it's been given the oiled treatment. I have a friend in the F&B industry and he says that chefs sometimes rub oil on a piece of meat to achieve that smooth texture.

Crystal Jade Kitchen
350 Orchard Road
Isetan Scotts #04-00
Tel: 6738 0733
Website: www.crystaljade.com/

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