Mouth Restaurant, Chinatown Point

I bought Beeps and Shan out for lunch during Secretaries Week. Although Shan was never technically my secce, she was a great source of support when she was in the firm with us, and one of the first few friends I made when I first joined the firm.

Shan works at Chinatown Point and since she's preggers, we decided that the lady carrying a child in her third trimester took precedence and we'd drive over and have lunch with her around her office at Mouth Restaurant.

Shan was craving Roasted Duck ($15), so obviously we ordered a plate of it. The skin was wonderfully crisp and crackled when we bit into it, and the duck was juicy and succulent.

We got Beeps' fave, the Steamed BBQ Honey Pork Bun ($3), fluffy buns with tender and smoky sweet pork.

The Steamed Mini Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf ($4.20) was fragrant, moist and well-flavoured.

The Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling with Salad Sauce ($4.30) was fresh out of the fryer, piping hot, not too oily.

I loved the nutrient-rich Double Boiled Herbal Soup with Black Chicken ($10). The soup was clear and sweet, with depth of flavour obtained from hours of double boiling.

The extracted soup particulates with red dates and wolfberries for sweetness, black chicken and pork for the base, and white fungus for added nutrients.

The Steamed Siew Mai with Crab Roe & Mushroom ($4.10), was nice but boring.

The Crispy Skin Carrot Cake ($3.80) was a little unusual in that it was battered lightly then fried. The carrot cake was still a little mild-tasting though.

We also got the dim sum du jour, Steamed Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Bun ($3.20). The salted egg yolk filling was a little more firm, not too creamy where the filling would ooze out after a bite. Still, this was pretty good.

A very enjoyable meal with good friends to round off Secretaries Week.

Mouth Restaurant
133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point
Tel: 6534 4233
Open weekdays from 11am to 11pm, weekends and Public Holidays from 10am to 11pm
Website: www.mouth.com.sg/

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