Brodard Bakery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

While researching Vietnam, we learnt that Vietnam's history as a French colony since the 18th century influenced their cuisine and hence resulted in many quaint French bakeries all over the city. So we resolved to try the pastries and confectionery offered in Vietnam on my firm trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

Walking along the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, we were struck by how French colonisation greatly impacted their architecture. Notwithstanding some of the city's dingy corners and side alleys, some of their buildings and cobblestone streets are very reminiscent of Parisian streets. It's the same for many of the French bakeries dotting the city. I mean, if you walked into some of these bakeries, you couldn't tell the difference than if you were in a Parisian bakery!

Brodard Bakery is one of the many French bakeries located within a stone's throw away from Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Tower, where we stayed. We popped in to take a look after being enticed by the gorgeous mound of pure white wedding confection in the window display.

We got 2 cakes, the Opera (VND 20,000) was rich and sweet without being overwhelming. I loved the nuanced sweetness of the chocolate layers.

The Tiramisu (VND 29,000) was absolutely delectable. This was very balanced. The rich coffee flavour complemented the mild mascapone cheese. This was a little custard-like as well.

The shop front

Brodard Bakery
11 Nguyen Thiep St
District 1
Tel: 3822 3965
Ho Chi Minh City

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