Sigeumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach)

This is one of my favourite Korean banchan, delicate and refreshing, seasoned simply with sesame oil and light soy. As it can be served either chilled or at room temperature, you can prep this well beforehand.

3 bunches spinach, cut into 2" lengths (this will yield 1 cup cooked spinach)
3 cloves garlic, minced (1 clove of garlic per bunch of spinach)
light soy
sesame oil

1) Blanch spinach in salted boiling water for no more than 30 seconds. Drain into ice bath. This will stop the cooking process and retain its bright green hue. Wring the water from the spinach (you absolutely need to drain the water from this, otherwise it'll be waterlogged. Just give the whole clump a quick squeeze) and set aside.

2) Stir fry the garlic in 1 tbsp sesame oil. Some recipes call for raw garlic to be tossed in with the spinach but I don't quite like the sharp bite of raw garlic, so I give it a quick fry for a more aromatic mellow taste.

3) Set aside the golden crisp garlic in bowl.

4) Toss garlic, 1 tbsp soy and 1 tbsp sesame oil with spinach, and serve. You can up the sesame oil to 2 tbsp if you'd like. This is good at room temperature or chilled.

Variations: A light sprinkle of sesame seeds lends additional flavour and texture.


sonya said...

LOVE this! and the same thing with beansprouts :D

Bern said...

ooh yes, like the ones at keisuke tonkotsu ramen king! sooooo good!!

Anonymous said...

아주 좋은!!

Aiwei Allan said...

Bern, this looks so easy, I want to try...but what type of spinach is that? Is this a chinese spinach?

Bern said...

@Anonymous: 감사합니다!!

@aiwei: normal english spinach with long stems and rounded leaves. it looks like this: http://www.buyfruit.com.au/english-spinach

Aiwei Allan said...

ah…I see. I'm too used to seeing the spinach without stems! Gonna give this a try!

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