Jumbo Seafood, Riverwalk

As you can well tell by now, I've been cooking A LOT. I'm on a short break before embarking on a brand new phase of my life, so life's been a whirlwind of dinner parties.

To break up the monotony of my recipe posts, this is a review of a seafood fiesta I had sometime back at Jumbo Riverwalk. When dining with a large group, I find it best to book a private room. The ambient noise of the rambunctious dining hall is shut out by the doors of the private room and you immediately get some quiet in order to chat with, without shouting at, one another.

For a primarily seafood spot, Jumbo's Sharks Fin Soup with Crabmeat ($16) was surprisingly refined. Velvety and rich, the crabmeat was plentiful and added sweetness.

A staple appetizer, the Donut with Seafood Paste ($25 for large), with a fresh, bouncy seafood paste and sesame-d crust, is one of those things that you can't quite stop at one.

A signature here, the Scallops wrapped in Yam Ring ($40 for large) marries fat juicy scallops with sweet mashed yam.

The Crispy Fried Baby Squid ($30 for large) is at once sweet and spicy and crunchy and addictive.

The Wok-Fried Golden Salted Egg Prawns ($55 for large), deshelled for convenience, is fresh and succulent.

Impossibly fresh, the Steamed Marble Goby Soon Hock with Soya Sauce ($90) was steamed perfectly, so the flesh just flaked right off.

The Braised Chinese Spinach ($40 for large), laced with conpoy, century eggs and salted egg yolks had a muted creamy sauce that was wonderful slathered over white rice.

Ah, the piece de resistance, the Chili Crabs ($93.10 at $40 per kg), fresh as can be, dunked in an eggy nutty and potently spicy gravy, was the scene of absolute crustacean devastation.

No crab-centric meal is complete without Deep Fried Buns ($9 at $0.50 each), a must-have to mop off every last drop of that wonderful chilli gravy.

My preferred treatment of crabs, the Black Pepper Crabs ($93.10 at $40 per kg) was just as robust as the chilli version, but this had a buttery accent that lent itself really well to the sweet crabs.

For dessert, the Sea Coconut with Aloe Vera Jelly ($4), was a light and refreshing way to round off the dinner.

Another perennial favourite, the Mango Sago ($4.50) had a nuanced fruity sweetness.

The Mango Pudding ($5), splashed with cool milk, was balanced and delicate.

The Sweet Yam with Gingko Nut ($4.50), moistened by sweet corned milk was smooth and creamy. 

Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
The Riverwalk Singapore 058416
Tel: 6534-3435
Open daily for lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm
Dinner from 6pm to 12midnight
Website: www.jumboseafood.com.sg/


岡田奈実 said...

These are looks so delicious!
I wanna know these shops!
Could I send some e-mail to you?

岡田奈実 said...

Hi,I'm Nami.
Did my massage reached to you?

Bern said...

sure, email me at bernice_t@hotmail.com


Pris said...

I wish I can eat these food straight out of the computer screen!

Bern said...

come september, i bring u! let's get your little ones acquainted with our family favorite...crabs!

Anonymous said...

wow. are you going to open a restaurant?

Anonymous said...

roger likes those crispy squid - but not for me!

we can eat crabs together though - I like them steamed, so no poaching off each plate!

Bern said...

@Anon: no, hahahaa, i'm not a good enough of a cook to helm a restaurant! i just cook for my loved ones. figured that they'll have to love me even if my food sucks anyway!

@sonya: the steamed ones with egg white at jumbo are pretty good! or r u talking abt those teochew or seasonal hairy ones?

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