Spathe Public House

The Great Singapore Sale is now on, and we wanted to stay away from the shopping hordes at Orchard, and so, we thought to go to Spathe along Mohammed Sultan for a very late brunch. The used-to-be-trendy Mohammed Sultan enclave on the city fringes is near enough to home, but has a sleepy, laidback vibe that's so different from the frenzy of the Orchard shopping belt.

On weekends, Spathe offers brunch all the way to 5pm, which is conducive for people like us, whose weekends only start after we wake in the late afternoon. While Spathe's brunch isn't exceptionally phenomenal, there were a couple of dishes that stood out. Plus, the $15-odd pricing for most brunch items made their grub very much more palatable.

In addition, service here was quite impressive; the staff were charmingly spontaneous and, in contrast to most local staff, actually capable of witty repartee.

One major draw, though, was the lack of a hipster crowd that plagues most brunch spots. I'm sure this point is quite the enticement for patrons who are deterred by the presence of such pretentious fops.

A must-try here, and our personal favourite is the Eggs Mushroom ($16), a fungi version of eggs benedict with a couple of perfectly poached eggs stacked atop sauteed mushrooms and a thick buttery brioche, and draped with a velvety well-rounded hollandaise sauce. This was really excellent, and I hear from the staff that the outstanding brioche was baked by their in-house master baker.

The Wild Mushroom Omelette ($14) with mesclun salad, was choc-a-bloc with juicy mushrooms, but it still fell a little flat. It just lacking that something-something, and seemed like something I could easily whip up in the kitchen.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding ($12) with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream was commendable, though not quite as luscious as the one at The Disgruntled Chef. The cake was fluffy and airy, and the less-than-very-moist texture was cured by the pool of torched caramel sauce, but it was missing that intense richness I'd have liked.

The Chocolate Mocha Cake ($8) also passed muster, with a nuanced sweetness and moist-enough texture.

Spathe Public House
8 Mohammed Sultan Road #01-01
Tel: 6735 1035
Open daily from 11am to 11pm
Website: www.spathepublichouse.com

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