Maison Kayser, Wheelock Place

This was yet another bunch of desserts generously brought over by one of our lovely luncheon guests, who'd taken away from Maison Kayser on her way over from Wheelock Place. While I'd mixed feelings about their tea-time specials sometime ago, I'd noted that their baked confectionery was outstandingly stellar. This time round was enough to make the Hubs and I fans of the famed French patissier. We went right out the very next day and took away a whole lot of their sweets!

The bright lemony accents of the Tarte au Citron ($4.40) were nicely countered by the sweet custard and buttery, crumble-in-your-mouth pastry boat. Not exactly our thing, but it was pretty good. Especially since it wasn't as jarringly sour as I'd expected.

The Eclair Chocolat ($3.70) was excellent. It was sweetly nuanced, perfectly balanced. The bonus was how cheap this was. (For reference, Paul's eclairs cost $6.80 a pop!)

An unexpected hit, the Brownie ($3.40) was studded with walnuts and pecans, and moistened by oodles of rich fudge. Best brownie I've had in a long while, and for some time to come.

The Chocolate Fudge was a beautifully gold-speckled layered opera-like cake, with perfectly rich and nuanced flavours.

Maison Kayser
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place B2-01
Tel: 6235 6568
Open daily from 8am to 9pm


Anonymous said...

have I told you about how.. uncomfortable the blogger comment process is for us wordpressers? :p so I've been lurking but TODAY is the day I spam comments.

I've had maison kayser twice, and only been impressed by the eclair (which was what I repeated) - should have got that lemon tart! is it just lemon-tinged custared or curd and custard?

have you tried the sea salt caramel brownie at ronin? possibly one of the best brownies I've tried (got to give this one a go though)

Bern said...

yeah i can see that! hahahaa!

it's like lemon-drenched custard.

nope, haven't heard of ronin other than the movie one. heh. ;p

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