Bacon Potato Hash

Bacon Potato Hash is one of those awesome breakfast foods that I love whipping up even in the dead of night. Apart from the starter ingredients of bacon and potato, you can vary it with additions of spinach, leek, onions, bell peppers, corn and/or mushrooms.

Some recipes call for the potatoes to be boiled first before frying but I find that the potatoes become waterlogged. I prefer to just fry the potatoes in the bacon fat to achieve a proper browning.

Ingredients (feeds 2):
5 slices streaky bacon (you can up this if you prefer more)
3 russet potatoes, diced 1-cm cubes (you need to dice them equally so that it cooks evenly)
Butter (or cooking oil)

1) Heat bacon and butter in pan until evenly crisp, about 10-15 minutes at medium heat. Remove and set aside, leaving the bacon renderings in pan.

2) Cook potatoes in bacon fat, salting as you go. Toss intermittently until evenly browned, about 20-25 minutes.

3) Return bacon, giving it all a quick toss and dash of freshly milled black pepper, just before serving.


FoodieFC said...

yummy! I love potatoes!

Anonymous said...

why, are you still so petite.

Bern said...

ZOMG. i've to tell u.....i've put on sooooooo much weight since i've stopped working....arghh!!

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