Sun with Moon Japanese Dining

A long-time tenant of Wheelock Place, Sun with Moon Japanese Dining is one of those places that astounds me with its longevity. With food that's painfully amateurish and pitifully child-sized, I have no idea how this mediocre Japanese restaurant lasted this long. Or gained such a loyal following. Granted, their food's very accessibly priced, with most mains averaging well below $20, but I still left feeling like I'd wasted both my money and calories. Props to the marketing team behind the conceptualization of the menu though, it was key in crafting a very misleading idea of the food actually served. Ironically, I might have not given such a scathing review if my expectations of the food hadn't been so heightened by the beautifully photographed menu.

The Salmon Fillet Steak ($13.80) burnished with teriyaki, was served alongside tater tots, a lone broccoli floret and the most gauche spaghetti ever done. It was stringy, droopy and memorably awful. The dish would have been better off without the spaghetti, because the salmon was actually passable. It was grilled just right, and fairly fresh.

It was telling that the best part of the Beef Sirloin Steak ($16.80) was the crisp garlic sprinkles. The beef, marinated in garlic soy, was supposedly medium rare, but as you can evidently see, arrived medium well done. On the upside, I really got to work my jaw chewing on the beef.

I didn't think they could muck up beancurd, but the Tofu Kaisen Ankake Nabe ($13.80) was dunked in a gloopy, insipid gravy and littered with overdone, mushy prawns.To be fair, the mushrooms were pretty decent.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
501 Orchard Road
Wheelock Place #03-15
Tel: 6733 6636
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 12noon to 11pm;
Fridays & Saturdays from 12noon to 11.30pm
Website: www.sunwithmoon.com.sg

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