In the sweet sweet world of macarons, countless bakeries abound, seemingly forgettable, amongst duopoly heavyweights Laduree and Pierre Herme. Anyone with a sweet tooth would have heard of them both, even if both boulangeries were solely based in Paris. I'd hear of friends lugging back boxes of macarons as souvenirs from their sojourns in the city of light.

After years of pent-up demand, Laduree finally landed on our sunny shores, and the frenzied horde descended on the tiny little pop-up shop in Ngee Ann City like bees to honey. As you may be well aware by now, we abhor the national pastime of queuing, so we waited till the fuss died down, and picked an off-peak Monday to sample the revered dame's wares.

It was, at first brush, quite disconcerting to discover that Laduree's macarons cost a pretty penny. Each tiny, pop-in-your-mouth-and-it's-gone morsel retails at a whopping $3.95 a pop, making them the most expensive macarons in Singapore. So it was telling that, despite Laduree's pricing, the Hubs actually thought they were worth every cent. I'm a little ambivalent. Laduree truly does deserve its hype, but I found the pricing quite the downer. If each macaron was more reasonably priced at no more than $3, I'd be a lot more agreeable with the Hubs.

Laduree's macarons are one of a kind, perfectly balanced, perfectly textured. Luxurious and exquisite, I loved how unique some of their flavours were, even if the rest of their flavour combinations didn't quite work for me.

From left to right: Pistachio, Lemon Verbena (loved its bright tang), Chocolat Bergamote (this clashed, I felt like I was eating an aromatherapy candle);

From left to right: Marie Antoinette (a must-try and my personal favourite), Caramel Fleur de Sel (coming in a close second, the best salted caramel macaron ever), Raspberry (loved its fruity sweetness);

From left to right: Coffee (loved its bittersweet overtones), Chocolate (absolutely luscious).

391 Orchard Road
Takashimaya Shopping Centre #02-09
Tel: 6884 7361
Open daily from 10am to 9.30pm


Lisa said...

Love macarons. Shame I can't eat sugar anymore. I still like just looking at Ladure cakes bc they are so pretty!

Bern said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for dropping by!

so sorry to hear u can't partake in Laduree's macarons...take heart! your sugar-free chocolate pudding looks awesome though!

ooh btw, maya is just adorable!

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