Take Urban, Seoul, South Korea

There is a huge dessert and coffee culture in Seoul. There is a mind-boggling number of cafes and coffee joints in Seoul. You cannot throw a baseball without hitting a coffee joint. This is truly a city of coffee addicts very much like New York or Paris. There are 4 main coffee joint chains, Caffe Bene, Tom n Toms Coffee, Seven Monkeys, and Zoo Coffee. All Korean-based but very Americanized. You'll find these everywhere!

We stopped by Take Urban, on the same block as the Ritz, after lunch one day, for dessert and coffee.

The Tiramisu (5,000 Won) is one of their best-selling desserts, and for good reason. This was moist, rich, aromatic and absolutely heavenly. It was so good we promptly went back for seconds.

Take Urban
South Korea
Tel: 02 519 0001

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