Blu Jaz Cafe

We attended the gig of a friend who plays in a band here and got a lil' munchy so we ordered a couple of finger foods to share. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the deep fried munchies here. They were addictively yummy! Please note that the price of their finger foods increase by about a dollar past 10.30 pm.

The Calamari ($8) was done perfectly, squid was cooked through but still soft and tender, with a thin crisp golden batter.

The Balls o' Fire ($7) were equally delicious, tiny little moulds of minced chicken lightly spiced to a peppery accent and fried with a delectable breaded crust. We'll be back to try their ala carte menu for dinner.

Blu Jaz Cafe
11 Bali Lane
Tel: 6292 3800
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 12noon to 12midnight
Fridays from 12noon to 2am
Saturdays from 4pm to 2am
Website: www.blujaz.net/

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