Renn Thai, Clarke Quay

Renn Thai opens till late to cater to the late-night dinner crowd at Clarke Quay so it was perfect as a dinner joint after our marriage prep class, which usually ends about 9 plus. Although the food at Renn Thai is pretty authentic and they don't water down their spice level, this Thai establishment is quite obviously geared towards the tourist dollar as the food is generally pricey and portions small. This probably explained why we were about the only locals dining on a weekday night, amongst the many caucasian tourists sniffing away and drinking copious amounts of iced water.

We started off with the Hor Mok Talay ($19) a seafood version of our local otak. Moist, mushy, spicy and heady, this was laden with several sweet prawns, and a mussel. 

The Tom Yum Gai ($18 per pot) Thai spicy sour soup with chicken, is served in a earthenware pot to keep it heated. Don't believe what the menu says (that the pot feeds 3-4 persons) because the tiny portion will only feed 1 hungry person, or 2 small eaters. That said, the soup was suitably spicy, had the requisite sourish tang and robust depth.

I liked the unique addition of the salted egg yolk to the Phad Prik Khing Tua Khiy Kem ($15) of crunchy stir fried French beans with chilli and chicken. This was hot and aromatic.

We also got our fix of the classic Thai dessert of Kaow Niao Mak Muang ($7.80) mango sticky rice. Mangoes were sweet and ripe, and glutinous rice was moist and soft.

Renn Thai
Blk 3D River Valley Road
#01-05 Clarke Quay
Tel: 6338 7200
Open daily from 12noon to 11pm

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