Kopitiam, SGH

I'd accompanied the Fiance to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) for his father's cataract surgery, and went for a quick bite at Kopitiam while waiting for him to come out of the operating theatre.

Kopitiam operates the food court at SGH, and the variety of food stalls and cuisine is really quite extensive. The quality is generally above average as well, so it's not uncommon for the food court to be packed to the brim come mealtime.

The queue at the yong tau foo stall is possibly one of the longest, and for good reason. It's light, healthy and fresh, depending on what ingredients you pick into your bowl. Mine had fish balls, bouncy fish cakes, freshly made fish dumplings, a battered and fried hard boiled egg, beancurd skin, chilis stuffed with fish meat, and lady's fingers ($4.20). The clear soup base was full of the essence of yellow soy beans, and my only gripe about this dish was that the soup base tipped towards the salty end of the flavour scale.

Blk 5, Singapore General Hospital


Anonymous said...

The Prof agrees with Bunnie's comments on the YTF stall. I always eat there when I go get my pills for my schizo...

Bern said...

That explains A LOT.

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