Ayam Bakar Ojolali, Lucky Plaza

If you want ayam penyet (Malay-style fried chicken that's smashed before serving), you've gotta go to Lucky Plaza. There must be at least 5 different eateries selling this Indonesian fare. I'd previously eaten at Ayam Penyet Ria, and for a change, Jal brought me to this other eatery that's really quite popular with the lunch crowd.  This eatery is really quite a hole-in-the-wall, with a seating capacity of about 20 people, but fret not, they have a separate shop unit, about 3 shop units away, that can house another 10 diners.

We both got the Ayam Goreng Set ($6.50), crispy juicy fried chicken loaded with delectable batter crisps and served with a beancake, fried beancurd and rice. They have 2 types of sambal chilli, one with kecap manis (sweet black sauce) and one without. Mix them up together and you get a potent fiery mix that's lipsmackingly good with the fried chicken.

I liked that they served a side of belinjau crackers with the Soto Ayam ($4.50) Malay-style chicken soup that's both wholesome and rustic, with the distinct taste of tumeric and cumin accenting the lightly spiced clear soup.

Crunchy beansprouts, clear vermicelli noodles, perfectly done hard boiled eggs, refreshing cabbage strips and diced chicken chunked up the soup.

Ayam Bakar Ojolali
Lucky Plaza #03-39/43
304 Orchard Road
Tel: 6235 3597
Open daily from 12noon to 9pm
Website: www.ayambakarojolali.com

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