Korean Strawberries, Seoul, South Korea

Korean strawberries are legendary for their incredible sweetness, unbelievable juiciness and so-fragrant-it-almost-seems-artificial aroma. These Strawberries (9,800 Won) completely lived up to the hype, and we had a ball chomping on them. We bought them from the Shinsegae Supermarket, which was stunningly cheap, considering that the ones imported to Singapore cost several times that. 

I've always liked walking around a supermarket of any country I visit. It's such an eye-opener to see the kind of food and groceries the countrymen eat on a daily basis. Shinsegae was so cool, there were sample stations at every turn and every few metres. We got to try different types of sausages, vegetables, sushi, beef, pork, mushrooms, kimchi, banchan, and fruits. Generally, Koreans aren't as 'kiasu' like us Singaporeans, so nobody here really takes advantage of such a free-sampling culture.

Shinsegae Department Store
Shinsegae Supermarket
Food Hall Basement 1
South Korea


Anonymous said...

I'll planning to go Seoul. Could you suggest to me which hotel I should consider staying if I want a strategic location for shopping and eating?

Bern said...

Hi CK,

You should try Lotte Hotel in Jamsil, there's an amusement park, and a humongous shopping mall. This is best for families with children.

Or Grand Hyatt at Myeong-dong area, a lot of shopping (both high end at the shopping malls like Shinsegae and market places like Namdaemun Market) and a lot of the award-winning fine dining restaurants are there. Be prepared to spend.

Or else The Shilla, which is Seoul's version of Singapore's Raffles Hotel. A lot of dignitaries stay there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bern
Thanks for the info. I've been reading your blog and enjoying it!

Bern said...

My pleasure!

Feel free to ask anything else about Seoul.

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