Kraze Burgers, Seoul, South Korea

Kraze Burgers is arguably Korea's biggest and most popular burger chain. Their burgers are value-for-money-and-quality, made fresh upon order and really quite yummylicious. They are completely American-styled, without Korean influences, and definitely way more substantial than Japan's teeny tiny Japanese-styled MOS Burger.

Apparently, they've opened a branch in Singapore, at Marina Bay Sands, but why try the branch (which seems to be costlier and their burgers smaller in size) when you can try the original in Korea? 

The Garlic Burger (8,600 Won) with juicy robust beef patties, melted cheese, crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, refreshing lettuce, sandwiched between 2 toasted wheat burger buns was simple, uncomplicated and absolutely delicious. 

You can opt to add an extra fried egg (at only 800 Won) to the burger, which serves to add the oomph factor to the already yummy burger. 

The Chili Burger (8,200 Won) with a heady spiced BBQ sauce, thick juicy beef patties, crisp lettuce, plump sliced tomatoes, fried egg,, melted cheese and onions, was unpretentious in style, succulent in texture and flavoursome.

The Semi-nude (9,800 Won), is a deconstructed burger, with the beef patties, 2 slices of cheese, grilled sun-ripened tomatoes, grilled onions, Kraze dressing and a sunny side up egg on top, and a fresh crisp garden salad on the side, without the burger buns. This is perfect for those cutting out carbs.

Kraze Burgers
South Korea
Website: www.kraze.co.kr/

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