Golden Peony, Conrad Hotel

I've long thought that Conrad Centennial is 1 of very few hotels one would hold a wedding banquet that actually serves good food. Having been to so many wedding dinners, I've found that the food is usually quite substandard and crappy. The at-least-$150 pricetag of each red packet given to the wedding couple really doesn't commensurate with the quality of the food.

I think the reason why the food at a wedding banquet held at Conrad is memorable and satisfying is because their food is catered by their in-house Cantonese restaurant, Golden Peony. This venerable Cantonese dame is quite the understated and underrated hidden gem of a find. The food is exquisite and refined, albeit a little pricey. Service is excellent, attentive but not intrusive. Ambience is low-key, fairly intimate and classy.

We really liked the Sauteed and Golden-fried Sliced Grouper ($24), the smooth and mild fish was cooked 2 different ways for variety, set on a bed of crunchy sugar snap peas. This was very delicate and light, so simple in seasoning but brought out the natural flavours of the greens and fish.

The Braised Beancurd ($24) was served with a thick eggy gravy of diced fresh scallops, freshly shredded crabmeat and topped with fish roe, providing a burst of unami flavour.

The green hue of the beancurd is due to the addition of pureed spinach to the smooth and soft homemade beancurd.

The Sweet Corn Soup with Crabmeat ($10) was choc-a-bloc with egg white drops, sweet fresh corn kernels and crabmeat, thick, savoury and light.

For dessert, we had the Crispy-fried Pancake ($12) with black sesame paste and coated with white sesame seeds. This was nuanced, balanced and sweet.

The chef had inadvertently left a piece of plastic between the sesame paste layers, as shown in this close-up. We didn't complain, mostly because it didn't really make a difference to the already wonderful dessert. However, the waitress noticed it, immediately apologised and automatically comp-ed the dish. Without our asking. Amazing service. Well, I did say that the service here was excellent, didn't I?

The Pickles ($1) may have been a little pricey but the sauteed mix of diced long beans, capsicums, roasted peanuts and beancurd served chilled was very yummy and well worth its pricetag.

Golden Peony
2 Temasek Boulevard
Conrad Centennial Singapore
3rd floor
Tel: 6432 7482
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch, 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner
Sundays from 10.30am to 2.30pm for lunch, 6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner

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