Di Oliva Pizzaria, Seoul, South Korea

No visit to Seoul would be complete without eating Italian food. Italian cuisine is HUGE in Seoul, there's like one pizza and pasta joint everywhere you turn.

Di Oliva Pizzaria was really near the hotel, like a 5 minute stroll, and we tookaway a pizza one night for supper.

The Pizza Rossa Cipolla (15,000 Won), with olives, tomatoes, onions and mozzarella, used the simplest and barest of ingredients, to create an unbelievably yummy and aromatic pizza. Crust was thin, smoky and crisp, indicative of a good wood-fired oven. Considering the incredibly cheap price, we were also very pleasantly surprised by the generous portion of the pizza.

The restaurant facade for reference

Di Oliva Pizzaria
South Korea


Anonymous said...

Halo Miss Bunni

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Jong Un.

Bern said...

It's really alright Jong Un, have a happy birthday anyway!

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