Chicken Bank, Seoul, South Korea

We went to Seoul to get the Fiance's yearly fix of his homeland food. It's difficult to get really authentic Korean food in Singapore, so we head to Seoul once a year so he gets to satisfy his cravings for Korean food.

The Koreans love their fried chicken, and we found this place that specializes in this snack just further along the main road from the Ritz, where we were staying. It opens till late so it was great for our middle-of-the-night munchies.

The restaurant's so cool, you can drink and smoke inside the restaurant while chomping on their juicy chickens. Only problem is that women smoking in public is generally frowned upon. You'll get ugly stares and sometimes get told off. So you see women smoking in private, even in the toilet cubicles. It's different for men though, they smoke like chimneys over here, everywhere. It's really still quite a patriarchal and male dominated society here.

The Chicken with Spices (18,000 Won) is their specialty flavour, fried upon order so it takes a good 15 minutes for the chicken to get out. It's fried to a golden crusty crisp, then brushed with a delectable sticky spiced marinade. It's sweet and piquant and spicy all at the same time, the Korean version of Chinese sweet and sour pork. A word of caution though, the sweetness belies how spicy this actually is. Even the Fiance, who eats chilli padi raw, was all teary-eyed and sniffling all through the box.

The Smoked Chicken (18,000 Won) is a slightly healthier alternative, but no less succulent, flavoursome or juicy. It's got a hint of mild smokiness.

This was a humongous portion for only about 20 Singapore dollars.

The restaurant facade.

Update 11 December 2013: Chicken Bank has been replaced by Beer King (credit to onde2 for giving me the heads up)

Chicken Bank
South Korea
Tel: 556 1720


Anonymous said...

the smoked chicken looks too bloody. i hope you both had your bird flu shots.

Bern said...

It looked that way but didn't taste bloody at all. It was damn good.

Anonymous said...

Oh hungrybunnie, chicken bank has been replaced by beer king. I learnt it the hard way by pacing up and down that street (in the cold) for hours :*( xx onde2

Bern said...

oh u poor thing! so sorry to hear that! my husband is just as dismayed to hear that they've been replaced! do u know if they have another outlet? he loves their chicken!

Anonymous said...

Nothing came up on google, prob try using daum and input the korean characters ? xx onde2

Bern said...

hmm will probably do that before we go to seoul nxt yr!

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