Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant

We went to Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant for our Department Lunch to celebrate secretaries week. They are possibly the longest serving Turkish restaurant in Singapore. Plus, it's halal certified to accommodate the dietary constrains of some of our Muslim colleagues.

We started off with the Salad Plate to share, a combination of Sofra salad, eggplant salad, vine leaf roll, and hummus.

This was paired with some Sesame Bread to dip the hummus in. This was fragrant and very nicely toasted, with a hint of the smoky oven.

The Sofra Salad, of spiced veggie mixed with herbs and walnuts was a nice starter, refreshing and tangy.

The Hummus, was a mildly spiced cream mixture of chickpeas and tahini with lemon juice.

Although I'm not a fan of eggplant, the Eggplant Salad here, of fried eggplant with tomatoes, peppers and onions was pretty good. Soft mushy and tasty.

The Vine Leaf Roll, of vine leaves stuffed with rice, pinenuts, currants and spices took a while to get used to, mostly because it was like eating a Turkish version of our glutinous rice in lotus leaves, with the lotus leaves.

The Turkish Bread is more chewy than the sesame version, thicker as well.

CC had the Iskendar Chicken Kebab, fine thin slices of doner kebab with homemade crispy bread and slathered in Sofra's special sauce.

The Chicken Baked Rice, was a Mediterranean version of the Italian baked rice, except this was flavoured with Turkish spices and herbs, so it had more of a kick and spicy edge.

The Chef's Plate, was a good way to try everything for the more indecisive, with its combination of doner kebab, izgara kebab, and a skewer of shish kebab. All grilled to aromatic perfection.

Yas had the Shish Kebab, of flavoursome grilled marinated beef with Turkish cracked wheat, paired with a tomato-based fried rice.

Suz had the Sultan Kebab, mildly spiced lamb with baked cheese and mashed potato. The lamb was very fresh, with nary a gamey taste. For those averse to the taste or smell of lamb, Mediterranean food is the way to curb that aversion. It's really the way they marinate the lamb, with their multitude of fragrant herbs and spices.

Mr J had the Sofra Yaprak Tavuk, tender moist chicken meat stuffed generously with veggies and mushrooms and served with mashed potatoes.

The Sofra Fish, of baked cream dory in foil, served with bread was also another hit. Moist, soft fresh fish in a tomato-ish spiced base.

The Adana Kebab, was an unusual mix of beef and lamb mince made into a kebab cooked over fire and char-grilled.

Sofra Turkish Cafe & Restaurant
100 Beach Road #02-42
Shaw Tower
Shaw Leisure Gallery
Tel: 6291 1433
Website: www.sofra.com.sg


Anonymous said...

No belly dancers? prof

Bern said...

It's PG fun la!

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