Tin Mine, Indigo Pearl, Phuket, Thailand

Yes, I know I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of buffets. But the buffet breakfast at Tin Mine in Indigo Pearl is worth every sinful calorie. Trust me, this is one breakfast you'll want to wake up for and enjoy at a leisure pace. Breakfast at Tin Mine is complimentary for most stays at Indigo Pearl, so you get to indulge in decadent morning glories.

Everything, well almost everything anyway, in the buffet is unbelievably delicious. And so, I won't bore you with repetitive descriptions of the good stuff. I'll only point out the stuff that you shouldn't bother loading your already stuffed tummies with.

We'll start off with the mind-boggling amount of Pastries.

Another view of the pastry section.

Chocolate Mini Muffins

Chocolate Fruit Mini Muffins

Mini Muffins

Strawberry Quiches


Chocolate Madeleines

Chocolate Danish

Chocolate Chip Danish

This was one of my fave pastries, the Chocolate Chip Danish

Apple Danish

This was my other favourite pastry, the Apple Danish

Dragonfruit Danish


Almond Crossiant

Pound Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake


We move on to the Bread Counter.

Another view of the Bread Counter

Multitude of Breakfast Rolls, they were a little "lao hong" but a round through the toaster and voila, they were as good as new!

White and Wholewheat Sliced Bread


Sunflower Seed Crusted Bread

Rye Bread and Ciabatta

Various Jams and Spreads for the Bread and Pastries, including coconut, guava, strawberry, butter, margarine, mango, orange, blueberry and sugar-free strawberry and sugar-free orange jams.

For the health conscious, there's a Mix-Your-Own-Salad Bar with lettuce, mesclun, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots.

A Ham and Peppers Cold Dish

Fresh Fruits, chilled, including watermelons, guavas, papayas and pineapples

Another view of the Fresh Fruits, with honeydew

Dried Fruits and Nuts to complement the various Cereals, including dried mango, dried pineapple, dried papayas, walnuts, raisins and almonds

Yoghurt with different flavours, including strawberry, orange, guava and plain

Oatmeal, ready mixed for your convenience

Fresh Fruits and Sweeteners for the Yoghurt and Oatmeal

Various Cheeses, including from left to right, Brie, Blue, Edam, Gouda, Emmental varieties

Onto the eggs.I love love LURVE the eggs here. They are all cooked a la minute, so it's always fluffy and moist. My favourite eggs are Scrambled, with Ham and Peppers.

My second fave are Eggs Sunny Side-Up.

This is the Fiance's second fave, Omelette.

The Omelette with Ham, Mushroom, Onions and Peppers

They've got 2 varieties of sausages, Veal Sausage, very smooth in texture.

And Pork Sausage, which is more textured, and richer in flavour. I prefer this.

Tin Mine has 2 types of grilled meats, the first being Grilled Chicken, which is a tough and tasteless. Skip this.

The Grilled Pork is better, less tough and with a little more flavour, but not worth the stomach space.

I love Bacon, especially the Streaky ones! I remember a date who thought he was being sweet by removing all the fat from my bacon when he made breakfast for me. Seriously, the best part about bacon is the fat. And anyone who knows me knows that I love the fat on my bacon. Suffice it to say, that was the first and only date.

Baked Beans and Hashbrowns and Fried Potato Balls

Fried Potatoes with Baked Beans

Grilled Tomatoes

There's also a Waffles and Pancakes Station.

Waffles and Pancakes

Sauces for the Waffles and Pancakes, including maple syrup, honey, icing sugar, chocolate fudge, strawberry drizzle, and cream

I liked that the waffle was quartered so we conserve tummy space.

The pancake was similarly small-sized.

Moving onto the Asian selection, there was a small tray of Chinese Dim Sum, including Steamed Pork Dumplings "Siew Mai", Steamed Pork Ribs, and Steamed BBQ Pork Buns.

The tray with Steamed Prawn Dumpling "Har Gow"

Of all the Dim Sum, only the Steamed BBQ Pork Buns were worth eating. Soft fluffy buns with sweet sticky diced pork filling.

The Steamed Pork Ribs weren't fantastic. The soy was too mild and without depth and the pork ribs were not soft enough.

Surprisingly, I liked the Porridge. This was the Chinese Congee Soup with Pork

They provide a variety of condiments, including fried garlic, pickled radish, spring onions, sugar, soy, fish sauce, sliced chili, chili flakes, julienned ginger and white ground pepper.

A small bowl of the Pork Congee

Minced Pork rolled into a ball

Chinese Congee Soup with Chicken

I also liked the Fried Rice, it was well flavoured and evenly coated with egg and oil. I had a plate of this although I knew it would fill me up.

The Thai-Style Fried Flat Rice Noodles was even better than the fried rice. Smooth, soft and chewy, this was cooked a la minute as well.

I also liked the Green Curry Chicken, fragrant, rich and spicy.

The chicken pieces were huge and tender.

Optional add-ons for the green curry, including boiled eggs, matured sprouts, cucumbers, pineapples, long beans, bean sprouts, and pickles

Juices to quench the thirst, including Mandarin Orange, Pineapple, Mango and Papaya.

P.S. Yes we did eat all of that was shown above, BUT we did go to the gym twice a day. So the way I see it, the food intake balanced out the energy exerted.

Tin Mine
Indigo Pearl
Nai Yang Beach and National Park
Phuket 83110
Website: www.indigo-pearl.com/


Sparkling or Still said...

wow, this must be the most comprehensive buffet post I have ever seen on a food blog. really hard work!

Bern said...

Gee thanks! hahaa, apart from posting the pictures and generally inserting a short writeup, I really didn't do much. I did take loads of pictures though. Unlike some buffet restaurants in Sg, the resort was perfectly happy to let me take them.

Indigo Pearl said...

Hi Hungry Bunny, thank you this comprehensive post about our breakfast buffet :-)
happy to hear you had a lovely stay. i also invite you to share some of your culinary experience on our online community: facebook.com/indigopearlresort

see you soon and happy holidays
Indigo Pearl

red fir said...

This buffet looks cra...zzzy. I think I just gained 5kg looking at the food.

Bern said...

Hahaa, it's super yummy though. Worth every calorie. All of my friends who have stayed here ALL loved the buffet breakfast. Don't worry, the gym is open till late to work off all those calories.

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