O'Briens Sandwich Bars, Budget Terminal

If there's one thing about food establishments in the airports that I totally hate, is that they tend to have monopoly-like powers. Prices are always jacked up and the food quality doesn't always commensurate with the increased prices. Like O'Briens at the budget terminal. We had a quick bite here before boarding the plane to Phuket. The Ham and Cheese Toastie ($9.90) with cheddar, red onion and tomato sounded a lot better than it turned out. I mean, I think even my 6-year old nephew can whip this sad little sandwich up on his own. 

I couldn't believe a slab of plain picnic ham and melted cheddar slapped between toasted white bread cost almost ten bucks.

O'Briens Sandwich Bars
Budget Terminal, Departure Lounge
30 Airport Boulevard
Open daily from 5.30am to 10pm


Miso said...

So budget on their ingredients! But O'Briens at City Link Mall is not bad.

Bern said...

Oh yes, I totally agree! O'Briens is usually quite good, but this was quite ridiculously expensive and such a rip-off.

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