Tien Court Restaurant

Tien Court is fast becoming one of our go-to places for a quiet and peaceful dinner. Even with a group of 2 families with their rambunctious kids in tow, the ambience was still very tranquil. We still felt like we were in our own little strawberry bubble filled world, away from the maddening bustle of the city.

We ordered the Pan-Fried Beancurd with Garlic Onion and Red Chilli ($13 for small) which was delicious. I loved the silky soft beancurd, the savoury luscious oyster sauce gravy, with spring onions lending a fresh accent and red chillis adding a little heat to the dish.

The Sauteed Beef with Beansprout with Superior Oyster Sauce ($20) was, however, a disappointment. The beef was a little tough and chewy. The marinade also hadn't had time to seep into the meat, so it was very bland. The beansprouts were good though, crunchy, juicy and sweet.

Their soups here are one of the best around. The broth is rich and ingredients always plentiful. Although the soup texture is thick, it never tastes very starchy. That's why I always order at least 2 portions of soup for myself. We got the Braised Assorted Seafood with Winter Melon Soup ($8), yummy as usual. I think I prefer this slightly over the beancurd soup.

The Braised Assorted Seafood with Beancurd Soup ($8) was also delicious, but a little more delicate than the winter melon soup.

Tien Court's appetizers are really quite unusual and exquisite. We thought this was the usual braised peanuts, but it turned out to be Braised Broad Beans ($3.50 for both appetizers). It was fragrant and flavoured really well.

The other appetizer was Chilled Beancurd Skin, the soft beancurd skin ribbons were refreshing yet delicate.

Tien Court Restaurant
Copthorne King's Hotel
Level 2
403 Havelock Road
Tel: 6318 3193
Opening hours:
Lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm
Dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm

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