Kaffir & Lime

Kaffir & Lime at Paragon Shopping Centre is the slightly more upmarket version Thai Express. In fact, Thai Express was revamped into Kaffir & Lime about a year ago. The thing that's remained a constant is its signature bright orange theme. The Thai Express group of restaurants Thai cuisine isn't super rave-worthy, but they do fairly commendable food that's fast and without frills. Just stick to the classics.

We popped by to have a quick, no-fuss dinner. And boy, was dinner served fast. Speedy Gonzales would definitely have approved. The food arrived barely 3 minutes after our orders were taken. Seriously. They were THAT fast. I think the food's probably pre-prepared and heated just before serving.The good thing was that the food didn't taste stale or re-heated.

The BF got the Gai Phat Pte Ched Nam Ta ($10.90) yellow ginger chicken with rice, with a warning label of 3 chilis on the menu. Please note that this is strictly for people with a very high tolerance for spicy food. The BF, who usually eats chili padi, was heaving away and gulping down his iced tea with every spoonful of this tear-inducing curry overflowing with chilli padis! This really took us by surprise. For the first time ever, the spice warning on the menu wasn't exaggerating. You have been forewarned.(But, if you can take the heat, this was quite shiok)

Kaffir & Lime / Thai Express serves one of the hottest Tom Yum Kung ($7.90), the ubiquitous Thai hot and sour soup with prawns. This isn't the usual fiery red-coloured types, but don't let it fool you with its docile clear looks. This wasn't as hot as the aforementioned chicken dish, but still packed a kickass punch and made my nose runny. The prawns were very crunchy and straw mushrooms were plentiful.

We got a vegetable dish, the Phat Het Kab Pak Ruam Mit ($8.90), stir-fried mixed vegetables with braised mushrooms. This was simply sauteed with sweet oyster sauce, fragrant and aromatic. The only dish of the night that didn't make me tear.

The iced drinks that made the heat a little more bearable. The Iced Lemongrass Tea ($4.90, foreground), which you can sweeten on your own, was refreshing and cooling. The Thai Iced Tea ($4.90, background), was thick, creamy and rich.

Kaffir & Lime
290 Orchard Road
#B1-45/46 The Paragon
Tel: 6836 8417
Open daily from 11am to 10pm
Website: www.thaiexpress.com.sg/

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