Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre is one of the most well-known and well-loved hawker centres in Singapore. Many stalls here are award-winning, "die die must try", famous types. Naturally, the queues at all of these famous stalls are crazy-long. Most of the hawker stalls at Maxwell Food Centre operate largely in the morning and afternoon. These famous stalls are so popular they mostly sell out by mid-afternoon so it's best to go there for breakfast and/or lunch.

We thought we'd avoid the lunchtime queues by having an early dinner at Maxwell Food Centre. Unfortunately, they were all closing/closed by the time we got there (at 6pm, no less!). I guess there's no getting around the maddening queues issue.

We decided to order from this stall that we saw had some celebrity endorsements, and it turned out to be such a big mistake. I got the Shredded Chicken Hor Fan ($4 for medium), which was so below par. The flat rice noodles were limp, soggy and barely passable. The gravy was correspondingly very thin and weak.

The BF got the Wanton Noodles ($4 for medium) which was equally bad. The barbequed pork (char siew) had a very strong artificial colouring aftertaste.

The Wanton Noodles was served with an MSG-laden soup with about 5 very yawn-inducing and ordinary wantons.

This stall's apparently endorsed by celebrities from some kind of TV show, but seriously, how much weight should be accorded to such celebrity endorsements. Have you ever seen a celebrity give a bad review of a stall that they're instructed to review?!? Perhaps they reviewed only the Fuzhou fish balls, and maybe only those noodles were good, I don't know because I didn't try them. But judging from the standard of the wanton noodles and chicken hor fan, I wouldn't expect their Fuzhou fish ball noodles to be any better.

Hock Kee Tanjong Pagar Fuzhou Fish Ball Noodles


The BF got some Fried Sweet Potato Dumplings ($0.40 each) and Red Bean Dumplings ($0.50 each). The ping-pong sized balls were so good, in particular the red bean variety, he promptly went back to buy 10 more! These were sweet, soft and had a nice caramelised crust.

The facade of the stall.

Ri Xing Xiang Ji Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling


I also got some Lychee Green Tea Bubble Tea ($). I love this Taiwanese import. I used to buy this everyday. Yes, everyday. This, like any other food fad in Singapore, was available at almost every nook and cranny around Singapore back in its heyday. Then, as suddenly as such numerous bubble tea shops sprouted, they suddenly died out. I love chewing on the bouncy tapioca balls.

Cool Station's one of the few places that still serves this drink.

Cool Station
Kiosk 1
Tel: 9022 4818


Maxwell Food Centre
1 Kadayanallur Street


Anonymous said...

tian tian chicken rice is over-rated.

Bern said...

That's what I've heard from most people! Although I've never actually tried it. Will try it one day and let you know if I concur with your assessment.

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