Swee Kee (Ka-Soh) Fishhead Noodle House, Amoy St

I met up with Guan for lunch. I see her about once a year, but it's so nice that we never fail to catch up where we left off. She's one of the most matured, witty and straightforward persons I've the pleasure of calling my friend. I love that despite the evolution of our personalities since our teenage years, our friendship has evolved together so we're still very much in sync.

We went to Swee Kee, or Ka Soh, along Amoy Street for lunch. This restaurant has been around since the 70s, so many would remember it from their childhood days.

We ordered the Prawn Paste Chicken ($8.50) which was standard fare. Fragrant, crispy flavourful skin with moist and juicy meat.

I got the San Lou Hor Fan ($6.50), or Sliced Fish Rice Noodles. Ka Soh does one of the best renditions of this dish. I like the fresh and smooth slices of fish smothered in the lusciously thick and full-bodied but still delicate gravy.

Guan got the Sliced Fish Noodles in Soup ($5.90). Even if the standard of this signature dish has dropped, the broth was still rich and the fish was still fresh. Although the restaurant claims not to have added any condensed milk into the broth, I could have swore that I tasted condensed milk in the soup.

This was Guan's recommendation of Sauteed Lettuce ($6.50). The refreshingly crunchy greens were stir-fried in a gravy that was buttery with a hint of aromatic garlic.

Swee Kee (Ka-Soh) Fishhead Noodle House
96 Amoy Street
Tel: 6224 9920
Open daily from 11.45am to 2.30pm for lunch and from 5.30pm to 10.45pm for dinner
Website: www.ka-soh.com.sg


Anonymous said...

The standard dropped a long time ago. There is no taste in the standard milky soup and the har cheong gai lacks any paste flavour. When the XO fishhead stall was at Holland V, XO tasted miles better. Have not been to XO for some time now, and they have shifted to depot.

Bern said...

I'm not sure if the standard has dropped but the food is indeed ordinary, good but not spectacular.

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