The Sandwich Shop, Robinson Centre

Ms PR had been raving about this place for a while, and in a bid to eat more healthily, I opted to get lunch from The Sandwich Shop.

The Sandwich Shop is marketed at busy professionals who are looking for healthier meal choices, so its 4 branches are located at areas of business.

I got the Fruit Salad ($5), a medley of sweet melons, crunchy apples, tart strawberries, grapes and soft kiwis. Although this was pretty and a fairly big portion, I still felt that its $5 price-tag was too pricey.

The Spicy Thai Prawn Sandwich ($3.90) was definitely more value-for-money. This was freshly made on the spot and packaged in such an innovative way. The prawns were sweet and crunchy and the Thai chili sauce seasoning made this sandwich a pleasantly unique creation.

The Sandwich Shop
61 Robinson Road
Robinson Centre
Tel: 6536 5232
Open Mondays to Fridays from 7am to 6pm
Website: www.thesandwichshop.com.sg/

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