Adam Road Food Centre

Adam Road Food Centre is one of those late-night supper joints for teh halia and Indian-Muslim fried fare. My view's that the only food stalls here worth trying are the ones that serve Indian-Muslim fare. Whilst the Sultan of Brunei is known to take away hundreds of packets of nasi lemak from one of the stalls here, the rest of the food stalls are really quite forgettable. 

We ordered a plate of Bee Hoon Goreng Ikan Bilis ($3.50), which was pretty alright. The noodles were soft but retained a little bite, with a sweetish charred fragrance that comes only from a very hot wok. Chopped green vegetables, crisp ikan bilis, scrambled eggs and crunchy beansprouts balanced the flavours of the dish nicely.

The Stall Front.

We ordered a Chinese dish, Sliced Pork Prawn Noodles ($4), which was dismal. The bee hoon noodles were so thick, I didn't think it should have been called bee hoon. The prawn and pork rib soup base was so sweet it got cloying. At least the 3 prawns were fleshy and sweet.

The stall front. The noodles here didn't live up to expectations, despite a number of newspaper, tv, magazines and celebrity endorsements.

The Sambal Stingray ($8) was another disappointment. Despite its scarily fiery hue, the spice level of the sambal was way too watered down, and way too sugared.

The Stall Front.

Adam Road Food Centre

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Anonymous said...

The Prof says that there are only 2 things worth eating at that place 1. Mee rebus with the bergedil and 2. the mutton steak. All the rest are shit.

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