Venezia Gelateria, Guthrie House

Venezia Gelateria (or "Gelarie" as is affectionately known to me) belongs to the "old guard" of the local ice-cream world. Yes, it has been around since forever, waaaay before the somewhat golden era of Udders, Ice-Cream Gallery, and Scoopz. The original at Guthrie House was one of our favourite after-school hangouts.

Now that we live within walking distance to Gelarie, we find ourselves popping by ever so often for a bit of post-meal gelato and in my case, sorbet. Nothing beats an icy fruity sorbet to wash away all that grease and salt.

Recently, Ernie came a-visiting to our area for dinner, and we headed to Gelarie, which just so happens to be one of his favourite places on earth, for dessert. You see, Ernie + chocolate ice-cream = happiness.

As usual, I had my Mango Alfonso Sorbet ($3.60). Refreshingly icy and totally fruity. My favourite flavour here and a proper sugar fix without the guilt trappings.

I've got a feeling that the Belgium Chocolate Gelato ($3.60) may be geared towards chocolate lovers. I found it a tad too rich and saccharine, but Ernie obviously loved every last drop. 

The Waffle ($5.50) here is very popular, judging from the orders of the same on many of the tables here. This was fairly decent, freshly made upon order, buttery and fluffy.

Ernie loves the Garlic Toast ($3.20) here because of the liberal spread of fragrant garlic on toasty baguette. I have to admit that the garlic spread is even and generous, so every mouthful is full of aromatic herby buttery goodness.

Venezia Gelateria
1 Fifth Ave #01-01
Guthrie House
Tel: 6468 3656
Open daily from 8.30am to 10.30pm


Anonymous said...

Yes they were there even when i was back in jc. Methinks it is time to increase the rent! Lol.


woc said...

Just went by today and was sad to see they've been replaced by a cedele. I only visit about once or twice a year and last time I was there was a few months ago. Any idea what happened to them? Did they shut down permanently?

Bern said...

oh shucks, that was quite a nice place to hang out. there's still one at bugis junction though! only that it's a standalone type of store.

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