Jones The Grocer, ION Orchard

We'd popped by Jones The Grocer for a late lunch after a bout of homeware shopping. Quick sidenote: furnishing the home is quickly becoming a real pain. All the little things like dinnerware and flatware and serveware and drinkware may cost little on their own but sure add up to a lot! I'm trying my best to rein in the spending but I always inadvertently overspend. The stuff at Crate & Barrel are just too pretty! *end of sidenote*

Food at Jones The Grocer is distinctively Australian, with a clear focus on really good and fresh ingredients with minimal cooking. Unpretentious, straightforward food that's wholesome and refreshingly uncomplicated. I liked it.

However, service was woefully inefficient. The many waitresses were pleasant and cheery enough, but our water cups were left unfilled until the end of our meal. After we had to ask. The Hubs didn't get a paper napkin but I did. We walked into the restaurant and had to sit ourselves. It was already past the peak lunch hours and the restaurant was barely half-filled so there's really no excuse for such lapses in service.

I got the Soft Herb Risotto ($26) with asparagus, taleggio and black truffle oil. It's been a while since I last had risotto and this was a welcome homecoming of sorts, even if there wasn't a trace of truffle oil in this. It had great texture, with a toothsome bite, and while starchy, was not the least bit cloying. It had a pleasant simplicity to it, flavours were kept light with just asparagus and copious shavings of sharp taleggio cheese.

The Hubs chowed down on Angel Hair Pasta with Blue Swimmer Crab ($28) with chilli, rocket, garlic and grana padano. The freshly shredded crabmeat was incredibly sweet, and we loved it. The cut chillis provided a mild heat and rocket leaves lent a peppery lift to balance the sweetness of the crab. A tiny gripe would be the itsy bits of crabshell that I had to ungracefully spit out.

Jones The Grocer
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard #04-14
Tel: 6884 5597
Open daily from 10am to 10pm
Website: www.jonesthegrocer.com


FoodieFC said...

To be frank.. this foodie here has never eaten at Jones The Grocer before.. mountain tortise yea?

Sounds like its worth a try despite the service and minor hiccup of crabshell.

Bern said...

hey, it's my first time at jones too! me is mountain tortoise too!! :)

yes, I wanna go back to try their other stuff.

FoodieFC said...

haha! =)

Its never too late!

andmorefood said...

LOVE crate and barrel. I feel your pain - I think it'll be mine when the time comes!

Bern said...

there's a preview sale TODAY. storewide 10% if u wanna get anything. ask for caslyn and tell her Bernice sent u!

Bern said...


andmorefood said...

omg :( but I have a dental appointment! darn the teeth :( is it just today?!

Bern said...

yes. do u really need to go to the dentist today? the sale's for one day only, but i'm sure the dentist can wait! hahahaaa...unless it's a root canal thing!

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