Udders, Upper Thomson

Have you ever noticed that ice-cream palours seem to be such happy places? The servers always remind me of chirpy Energizer bunnies, and every other customer is always laughing and smiley. I think it's the sugar high of ice-cream. It just makes people happy. 

After our ironically not-so-delightful meal at Old School Delights, we headed across the road to get an ice-cream fix. This row of shophouses along Upper Thomson Road has about 3 ice-cream shops, all notable ones, so you're spoilt for choice really. You'd think that having 3 ice-cream palours situated along a short 100-meter stretch would make for bad business due to stiff competition, but to my surprise, it was quite the contrary. Each and every one of them was doing a roaring post-dinner business when we visited last weekend. It's amazing how much Singaporeans love ice-cream. Or maybe it's got something to do with our swelteringly muggy weather (thank you global warming!). 

We popped into Udders, probably the earliest forces in the ice-cream invasion of Upper Thomson. As with every other local ice-cream chain, the ice-cream here is purportedly homemade, original, au naturale, yadda yadda yadda. But what really distinguishes Udders is its tongue-in-cheek approach to ice-cream. It's fun and oh-so-cute. This sassy mindset is reflected in its ice-cream names (ballsy mint, anyone?) and decor of the place. Its walls are lined with tempered glass and magic markers are on hand to doodle all the graffiti you like. A word to the wise though, not all of the scribblings are PG, so you may want to vet the wall before allowing your young to appreciate the "art".

The Chocoholic Sundae ($10.50) on a Waffle ($3.20) is a melange of 3 scoops of ice-cream, chocolate kitkats, Hazel's nuts and awesomely chocolate, with oreo cookie chunks and crunchy chocolate, dark chocolate fudge drizzles, chocolate balls and shavings. Delicious and decadent. 

The Boozy Mudslide Cocktail Sundae ($12.50) is layered with baileys and bourbon, tiramisu and orange chocolate bitters ice-cream, laced with caramel vodka sauce, oreo cookies, dark chocolate fudge and caramel drizzles, and finally, a dusting of cocoa powder. This was such an alcoholic zinger, you're bound to be high for the rest of the night. I loved how this was just so naughty and sinful, disguised in the wholesome innocence of ice-cream. A little like those alcoholic jello shots I used to down during my clubbing days.

The Cookies & Cream Classic Single Scoop ($3.40) is great for indulging without too much of the guilt. A little taste of heaven without the need for too much penance.

Udders also offers an all-day breakfast dish, The Big Udder Chomp ($11.50), with 6 buttermilk pancakes slathered with maple syrup and herbed butter, accompanied by a Johnsonville smoked cheese bratwurst, bacon rashers, scrambled eggs and a couple of cherry tomatoes. This was decent for an ice-cream parlor. Eggs were, unfortunately, a little too watery, and the pancakes were not as fluffy as I'd like. Loved the Johnsonville sausage though.

246D Upper Thomson Road
Tel: 6452 0803
Open Mondays to Thursdays from 12noon to 1am;
Fridays to Sundays from 12noon to 2am
Website: www.udders.com.sg


Oysterdiaries said...

Chocolate and cookies make everything better hehe.

Bern said...

hahahaa, the husband feels the same. we always have a tub of dublin mudslide in our freezer that nvr seems to run out!

Anonymous said...

Sugar dependency is one health problem that the authorities are udderly unable to resolve. Hellooo diabetes ward!


Bern said...

nice pun. but sugar is one dependable comfort food after a long hard day at work man.

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