Extra Virgin Pizza, United Square

After reading a number of bad reviews of Extra Virgin Pizza ("EVP"), I sort of wrote it off. So, it was serendipitous that our plans to dine at Wee Nam Kee's new premises got derailed because its shop space is still undergoing renovations. And with the ridiculously long queue at Soup Restaurant acting as a deterrent, we headed to EVP.

Contrary to reviews of horrendously long queues here, it was barely half-filled when we walked in for dinner last Saturday. Although the place is semi-self-serviced, there wasn't a queue at the cashier's, our orders were taken promptly, and pizzas arrived speedily. The staff were, by and large, smiley and polite, if a little blur-ish, so there was none of that purportedly crap service experienced by previous reviewers. It seems that the management has taken note of the reviews and tinkered with their service levels accordingly. Kudos to them if this was the case.

The pizzas here are pretty decent. Considering that there isn't any service charge here, the pizzas at EVP still make for an extremely value-for-money meal even if their sizes are relatively smaller to Ricciotti's huge-assed ones. I didn't think EVP lost out to our favourite pizzerias Ricciotti or Peperoni either in terms of quality. Fresh, top-notch ingredients all smoked to perfection in that wood-fired oven.  

I loved the unique addition of pine nuts to the Ham & Mushroom ($24). Basil leaves and fennel seeds lent a subtle peppery lift.

The Spicy Pepperoni ($24) was also another good choice. Slivers of salty peppery cured meat were neatly arranged to ensure every mouthful is a burst of flavour.

The Prosciutto & Arugula ($26), with soft ribbons of salty Parma ham generously layered with spicy arugula leaves, was my favourite. Great balance of flavours and textures.

Extra Virgin Pizza
101 Thomson Road
#01-14 United Square
Tel: 6247 5757
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 11am to 10pm
Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 11pm
Website: www.extravirginpizza.com


andmorefood said...

I'm glad you had a good experience! might just be worth a revisit sometime.

Bern said...

yeah, I was initially apprehensive because of your review actually, but there really wasn't anything else to eat (and no, Macdonalds doesn't count as proper food, haha!), and the husband was dying of hunger, so we had no choice but to dine at EVP. turned out a surprisingly more-than-decent meal! it may have been that the initial furore over a new place has died down so there isn't a crowd to jostle with.

sonya said...

did the two of you have three pizzas! I broke my own rule about hyped places and went there a while ago (on a friday night no less). I've got to try ricciotti sometime, it's so close to my work place!

andmorefood said...

did you two finish three pizzas! their pizzas were better than the appetisers though. I broke my own rule, stupidly, about hyped places and went there on a friday night no less. gotta hit up ricciotti sometime!

Bern said...

actually, there were 3 of us. hahahaa! although....I think the hubby and me would have easily finished 3 pizzas on our own. Such gluttons we are! we stuck to the pizzas (based on what u said on your post!) and the meal turned out pretty alright!

Anonymous said...

There are no good pizzas in Singapore. Thats the truth.


Bern said...

good enough to satisfy a craving. more convenient than hopping onto a plane to italy.

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