Wild Honey, Scotts Square

Yup, we're back at Wild Honey. My favourite brunch spot in the city. Heck, it's my favourite brunch place on the whole island. The food's consistently sensational, and service is reliably upbeat and professional.

We met Ray & Pat to belatedly celebrate my birthday and they got me this gorgeous wooden fruit basket. We're always getting these beautiful wood statement pieces from them. Thanks, u guys!  I'm so gonna miss them when they relocate to Ray's homebase in Kuching.

Fans of Nordic cuisine will love the Norwegian ($26) poached eggs blanketed in Hollandaise sauce and wrapped in Norwegian smoked salmon, topped with salmon pearls and stacked on avocado, asparagus spears and whole wheat brioche. This had a clear freshness to it that was very refreshing. Too bad I ain't no fan of smoked salmon.Or asparagus. Or avocado.

The Spanish-influenced Basque ($22), comprised softly scrambled eggs, a sweetish pepperish red and yellow pepper onion confit, silky ribbons of salty Serrano ham, and thick fluffy buttery brioche toasts. Simple but oh-so-sumptuous.

The good ol' English ($24) a medley of creamy scrambled eggs, back bacon, cumberland pork sausage, sauteed mushrooms, fried breakfast potatoes, grilled tomato, spiced baked beans and their signature brioche, is a dependable comfort dish. Everything on this plate was just so wholesome and delicious.

My personal favourite here, the Tunisian ($19), a sizzling pan of shakshouka, with tomato, onion, red pepper, chilli, paprika, chorizo sausages, and eggs is awesome. It's rich and savoury and sweet and totally flavourful. Thick crusty brioche is brilliant for mopping off every last bit of that eggy sauce. The refreshingly crisp Israeli salsa is a wonderful counterbalance to the rich shakshouka.

Wild Honey
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square #03-01
Tel: 6636 1816
Open Sundays to Thursdays from 9am to 9pm;
Fridays to Saturdays from 9am to 10pm
Website: www.wildhoney.com.sg


yixiao said...

Pity about the patchy service :(

yixiao said...

The shashouka is really easy to make. You can make one when you finally get your own place!

Bern said...

surprisingly, of all the times i've been here, i haven't encountered any service lapses. what happened? was it abt attitude or competency?

oh yes, can't wait to start cooking again when we finally move into our home!!!!!!!! *fingers getting real itchy*

yixiao said...

Inconsistent (hot food arrives before cake-from-counter) and so so slow ffor food to arrive :(

Bern said...

ahh...hmm now that you've mentioned it, svc can be a bit laggy. am usually too engrossed in my conversations to notice!

Anonymous said...

congrats to Ray and Pat for moving out..Kuching is da bomb,man. Prof has been there, and gives his two thumbs up!

Bern said...

u really like it there huh?

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