Ayesha's Kitchen and Passion Cafe, Tung Ann Building

So, we were back at one of our regular lunch haunts. As we move into the mid of the year (time just flies by, doesn't it?), the increasingly sweltering weather has made dining at this cheapo lunch spot an impossibly sweat-free occasion. Thank goodness, though. for pockets of rainy torrents that provide much needed intermittent relief. Like after that all-night showers last Thursday, we actually ate here, jackets and all, without breaking a single drop of perspiration.

The Egg Prata and Plain Prata ($3.20) was pretty commendable, even if the plain prata wasn't super crispy. This breakfast staple was nicely charred, and had a delectably chewy texture to it. The thick and rich curry was just spicy enough to lend flavour.

The Maggi Goreng with Fried Chicken ($5.50) was surprisingly good despite its nondescript appearance. The noodles were well-seasoned, with a subtle peppery spice and chunked up with sliced hotdogs, chai sim and eggs, while the chicken was flavoursome and juicy.

The Kway Teow Mee Goreng ($4) packed quite a punch, and left me sniffling a bit. Usually, the red colouring of this kind of dishes is purely cosmetic but this tasted as fiery as it looks. Still, if you can get past the heat, this was pretty good. Nice wok hei to it.

Beeps made the mistake of ordering from the Chinese stall here because she needed a "change of scenery" but the decision was quickly regretted. The Maggi Mee Soup ($4) tasted like instant noodles was cooked in plain water, without the powder seasoning, to which luncheon meat and a plain omelette was added. The soup and noodles were completely tasteless, leaving the luncheon meat and omelette as the only edible things in this.

Ayesha's Kitchen and Passion Cafe
141 Cecil Street
#01-01 Tung Ann Association Building

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