Asia Square Food Garden

The Asia Square Food Garden is probably the only food court that I actually like. I've always thought that food courts in Singapore were overpriced and under par. You pay extra but get really crappy food. The only upside is the air-conditioning. That's why I don't patronise food courts. I'd rather go to a hawker centre and sweat it out with awesome food. But Asia Square is different. In that it's not quite the typical food court, because all of the stalls are just satellite offshoots of reputable restaurants. Don't expect any hawker fare here. The cuisine here is definitely more upmarket fare but it's still cheaper than at the restaurants, and you get the comfort of air-conditioning.

Over the years, the food court at Asia Square has increased its seating capacity in order to accommodate the massive lunch crowd. Back when it first set up shop, I used to think that there was so much space wastage, in that there were large pockets of empty space where extra tables and seats could be placed. I think the management finally realised that, and added extra seats in those big empty pockets around the sprawling food court. Consequently, we seldom have to wait around for diners to finish eating and turnover the tables nowadays.

The Soup Spoon has an outlet here, and there's always a long queue for their nutritious, wholesome stews and soups. The Asian Tofu Salad ($6.70) is really simple, and light and clear, with the use of orange citrus dressing to jazz up the protein-centric salad.

The Meatless Minestrone was thick and chunky and substantive, the perfect comfort food for the stormy weather that we've been having recently.


Over at Imperial Treasure Windows of Hongkong, my favourite stall here, the Prawn Hor Fan ($10) is quite popular here. Smooth silky sheets of rice noodles are lightly fried and slathered with a velvety eggy gravy loaded with fresh deshelled prawns. The gravy is a tad plain-ish, but I liked it nonetheless.

The Wanton Soup ($7.50) is a consistent order. I love the fresh bouncy wantons generously stuffed with sweet prawns. The crunchy lettuce helps soak up the oil and balance out the heavy salt content of the heady prawn-based broth.

Asia Square Food Garden
8 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 1
Level 2
Open weekdays from 9am to 9pm

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