Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant

Kintamani is one of the longest standing Indonesian restaurants in Singapore. The restaurant's wrinkled, dated facade is a testament to its origins back in the 80's. I don't think it's been renovated since the disco era. This old-timer is housed in the equally aged Furama Riverfront Hotel. Yes, the same hotel where the infamous Tiananmen is located.

The food here is like what you'd get at your nenek's (read: Malay for grandmother) home for Sunday dinners. Nothing too fancy, just good old familiar comforting favourites.

Kintamani offers a buffet spread or ala carte dining, and we chose the former for one of our Secretaries' Week luncheons to ensure our support staff are fed well and good before returning to the office. The buffet usually costs $45 per pax but if you have a UOB credit card, the buffet morphs into a much more value-for-money meal at only $30 per person. The buffet isn't very extensive but what they lack in variety, they make up for it in above-average quality. The following stuff below are of the 6 hot food stations. In addition to those, there's a dessert station with Malay kuehs and ice-cream that's pretty commendable. Also, there's a salad, gado-gado, and soto ayam soup station that's quite decent. Oh, and there's a make-your-own-noodle station as well.

The Butter Prawns were large, fresh and sweet. I loved the soft buttery seasoning, and the peppery accent of fried curry leaves and subtle heat of cut chillis.

The rempah in the Beef Rendang was good, but the beef was unfortunately way too tough. It was sinewy and hard and chewy and needed waaaaay more cooking time for the rempah to seep in and the meat to be a lot more tender.

The tanginess of the Ayam Mesak Merah throws you off as to how spicy this is. But it's still damn shiok. The robust, heady curry paste married well with the tender moist chicken.

The Gulai Sayur was a bright yellow tumeric-tinged, rich coconutty gravy with braised greens and hard boiled eggs. Mild, lightly spiced, creamy and rich. 

The Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce was very delicate, almost plain even, but I thought it was a nice counter to the rich and robust curries of the other dishes.

The Goreng Telur, an omelette mixed with spring onions, chilli and onions, was simple but done well.

We also ordered an ala carte item, the much beloved Tahu Telor ($12), a towering block of cubed beancurd and flour and scrambled eggs. Fluffy, airy and crisp at the same time, this was flavoured with a slathering of the potent kecap manis sauce. This was demolished in seconds.

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant
405 Havelock Road
Furama Riverfront Singapore
Tel: 6739 6463
Open daily for lunch from 12noon to 2.30pm; dinner from 6pm to 11pm


muchadoabouteating said...

Wow thanks for reminding us of this place. I love its gulai sayur but got distracted by all sorts of other places in recent years. Time for a return :)

Bern said...

happy to help! this is such an oldie but goodie!

DMC1982Nice said...

hi! I will be going there tonight for work :) Should be fun

Bern said...

oh I look fwd to seeing your blog post abt it then!

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